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How to Make a Homemade Astronaut Costume

Do you have a child at home who dreams of becoming an astronaut when he or she grows up? Creating a homemade astronaut costume together makes for a great summer activity, and the costume is suitable for wearing throughout the year at themed birthday parties, for show and tell and, of course, at Halloween. Here are some simple tips on how to make a homemade astronaut costume that require no sewing skills.

  1. First: Gather the items you need

    Start with a basic white jumpsuit, or a white t-shirt and pants combination. You also need lots of silver duct tape or fabric paint, a pair of white rubber boots, a white bucket, a couple of empty, clean soda bottles, some orange tissue paper and an American flag for your child to carry.

  2. Second: Create the astronaut helmet

    Make sure that your white bucket is large enough for your child to wear over his or her face. Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole in the bucket, then use wire cutters to cut out the opening for the face. Pack the inside of the bucket with towels for extra padding.

  3. Third: Create the astronaut jumpsuit

    Use silver duct tape or fabric paint to make stripes on the legs and arms of the jumpsuit. Use duct tape to make a belt, and to attach the air pack to the back of the costume. White rubber boots complete the outfit.

  4. Fourth: Create the astronaut air pack

    Paint the soda bottles silver. Once the bottles are dry, hang them upside down, and tape them together. Next, secure the painted bottles to the back of the jumpsuit with more duct tape. Stuff the orange tissue paper into the bottle openings to simulate the flames of a rocket pack.